Lung Cancer Diet; 4 Foods That You Should Eat


It is important for people to understand the fact that they cannot cure cancer with diet. But no one can deny the fact that proper and regulated diet is one of the most essential and first step towards recovery. 

When i visited Pak onco Care Hospital, i get to know about these foods that should be on your list if you or your loved ones are fighting lung cancer. But first get hold of this fact that foods are not cancer fighters they are rather a step towards a speedy recovery or slow progression of the disease. 

Foods that You should Eat

Given below are some of the foods that are excellent when it comes to restoration of your lungs. They are also important because they make sure that your lungs are breathing finely. 

  1. Salmon 

This tasty treat is a fan-favourite. This is because it is one of the healthiest foods to ever grace the face of earth. The main reason why this is such a healthy food is beacuse it is rich in vitamin D and omega 3s. Vitamin D3 is known to inhibit the production of cancerous cells. 

The deficiency of vitamin D is the major cause of many medical issues. You do not have to worry if you are not such a big fan of fish. You can also directly absorb it from the sun. but you will be in trouble if you are using too much sunscreen. Out of all the vitamins that are necessary for our body, getting the right amount of vitamin D from our dietary intake is  a bit difficult. The best place or source for vitamin D intake is the sun.

Otherwise keep an eye on the salmon intake and enjoy the benefits of vitamin D. 

  1. Ginger 

It is a known fact that ginger helps in chemotherapy-induced nauseous, but what people do not know is how big of a role ginger plays in the life of people who are living with lung cancer.

What makes ginger such a great food for people with lung cancer is the presence of 6-shagol. This compound is very helpful because it prevents the development of lung cancer. 

And in cause of an already present cancer it can lower down the speed of metastasis. This data is collected from a study on mice which shows reduced metastasis. 

Because metastasis is the leading cause of death in people that is why this is considered to be ground breaking discovery. 

  1. Berries 

All the different types and colores of berries that exist out there are extremely helpful for thsoe people who are fighting this deadly diseases. The different types of berries are as follows 

  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Cranberries 

The compopunds such as anthocyanidins and delphindin are what makes them such a specialist in fighting off cancer. These are those compounds that limit the growth of tumors and also inhibit the creation of new blood vessels so that they can spread. 

Another thing that they can do is that they can also prevet the formation of blood clots. Thrombosis is something that often the patients with cancer suffer from. That is why make sure to get benefitted from this wondrous fruit. 

  1. Carrots 

Yes, if your mother also stresses on the importance of eating veggies, then she is doing the right thing. And you should also get rid of the fact that you only have to eat carrots for improved eyesight. Carrots are an excellent source of chlorogenic acid. 

The thing with cancer is that the tumors that are developed can signal the prodiucution of new blood vessels. That is why the treatment processes are designed in such a manner that they interrupt the formation of new blood vessels. 

Chlorogenic acid causes disruptions in the signaling pathway which is the basic need for this process to occur. Apart from carrots, apples, strawberries and potatoes are also the carriers of these compounds. Thus make sure to eat these above mentioned foods. 

The Bottom Line 

One of the most important thing that you need to do in a day is that you should eat a healthy and balanced diet. Make your meals more exciting and lovely. Take time to eat good. Especially those who are fighting off cancer should know that every moment counts and make the most out of your life.  

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