This is how you are damaging your eyesight


Healthy eyes are the dream for everyone. As we age the combination of many factors and ageing can cause decrease damage to your eyesight. But, focusing on certain day-to-day habits can protect your eyes and can keep your vision healthy. If you constantly have itching, infections, dry eyes, and other eye-related issues, then consult an eye doctor immediately as it can bring a negative impact on your eyes if left untreated for a long time.

Here, we have listed a top 10 things you must not do to have healthy eyes.  Read through the article and understand the ways to protect your eyes.

10 Things which can damage your eyesight:

  • Not using sunglasses while heading out:

Going in sunlight can harm your eyes, this is because the harmful UV radiation from the sunlight can hurt your eyes and cause damage to your eyesight overtime.

  • Wearing a contact lens while sleeping:

Never leave your contact lens in the eye while sleeping. Make sure to remove before going bedtime as it can cause eye infection. Also, keep your hands clean while removing your contact lens as it can increase the risk of an infection and may cause permanent damage to the eyes.

If you are using a soft contact lens, visit your eye doctor frequently to replace your lens. This helps to avoid lens build-up thereby decreasing the risk of eye infections. If your doctor prescribes any medicines or eye drops for infections or dryness, then contact order it from any online pharmacy store at your convenience.

  • Overuse of eye makeup:

There are many eye makeup products are available in the market. Make sure not to supply the products such as eye creams, mascara, eyeliner, and others near the oil glands as the products can build-up and cause infection. Also, use only branded products as local eye products may have cheap chemicals which can harm your eyes.

  • Staring your mobile continuously:

If you are continuously staring at your mobile for a longer time by reading small texts can hurt your eyes especially when you read the small text. It can cause blurred vision, dry eyes, nausea, and dizziness.

  • Dry eyes:

Dry eyes are caused when there is a decreased tear production in the eyes. When there is no enough lubrication in your eyes, it can cause infection, redness, sensitivity to light, difficult to drive, especially during night time, and may cause blurred vision. Dry eyes can be caused for many reasons such as starring computer screen for a long time, while travelling aeroplane, etc.

  • Rubbing your eyes:

Yes! Rubbing eyes can stimulate tears, remove dirt, lubricates dry eyes, relieves stress, and other eye irritants. But, if you rub your eyes too often, it can bring various eye damages.

  • Looking at the system very closely:

Keep things at a distance and maintain the required gap to protect your vision. Close contact with your system can hurt your eyes, bring your vision down, and enduringly damage your eyesight.

  • Not having a well-balanced diet:

Diet plays a crucial role to keep diseases at bay. Many fruits and vegetables, which are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, nuts, green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, legumes, carrots, and sweet potatoes, are required to keep the vision healthy.  Ensure to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and refrain from sodium and other calorie-rich foods.

  • Skipping the annual eye check-up:

Regular eye check-up is required to watch for symptoms related to diabetes, high blood pressure, and other eye diseases. So, to hold your vision and to keep your eyes healthy, regular annual eye examination is mandatory. Early detection of diseases can prevent serious eye disorders. Go for an annual eye check-up and preserve your vision!

  • Sleep deprivation:

Lack of sleep can harm the overall health of your eyes. Lack of maximum of 8 hours of sleep can invite dark circles, eye spasms, dry eyes, blurry vision to name a few. Sleep deprivation can also bring eye strain, bloody eyes, itchy eyes, irritation and many more. Lack of sleep can also increase the pressure inside the eyes, resulting in the condition called glaucoma.  Sometimes, glaucoma can lead to vision loss. Speak to your doctor if you cannot get enough sleep as it can take a toll on your eyes health.

Many things unknowingly can take a toll on your eyes healthy and can ruin your eyesight. Never do the above-listed mistakes! It can ruin your vision and eyesight. Protect your precious eyes! Take care of your impending eye problem and keep visiting your ophthalmologist regularly. If you have sudden irritation, vision change, itching, redness, or blurred vision, then visit your eye healthcare provider immediately.  If medicines are prescribed, order your online medicines Order from the best online pharmacy store in India.

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