What Gift To Bring To A Baby Shower

What Gift to Bring to a Baby Shower


If you have been invited to a baby shower but have no experience with babies, you might be wondering what an expectant mother will need for her newborn. Maybe you’ll be lucky, and she will have a registry set up from which you can choose a gift, but chances are you are going to have to think of a gift yourself. The good news is that there are many items required when a baby is born, and you will certainly have plenty to choose from. In the following paragraphs we list a few ideas that will hopefully help you.

Bottle Warmer

Moms who are formula feeding might appreciate a bottle warmer that will heat their baby’s bottle to the optimum temperature. It can be useful to have a machine because it can be difficult for new moms to determine what the right temperature is. All the new mom will have to do is make up the formula and then pop the bottle into the bottle warmer, pressing a button, and the machine will heat it to the optimum temperature.

 If you want to go one step further, a baby bottle prep machine will heat the water to the desired temperature, from which the new mom can then mix in the formula. These machines are quick and easy to use and make formula feeding a breeze.

Pregnancy Pillow

Towards the end of pregnancy in particular, a growing baby can put a lot of pressure on a woman’s body, and she may feel achy and sore. A pregnancy pillow is a great gift because it can help to reduce the pressure on various joints, easing any stiffness and soreness. Using a pregnancy pillow at night can help her to get a better sleep because of the support it provides. In addition, she can probably use the pillow for support once baby is born too, especially if she is breastfeeding. 

Wearable Blanket

If you want to think outside the box and buy something a little bit different to everyone else, why not get a swaddle sack. The good folk at CozeeCoo (visit website here), makers of baby wearable blankets, say that swaddling a baby helps improve sleep as it keeps little hands away from the face and protects against a baby’s natural startle reflex. 

Diaper Caddy

A diaper caddy is an extremely useful piece of kit for a new mom. There is nothing worse than trying to find everything you need when it is time to change baby’s diaper. A caddy will have compartments for various items such as diapers, wipes, lotions, and creams and may have removable inserts to make room for more or less items, depending on the needs of the individual. 

A Baby Soother

A sound machine to help baby get back to sleep can be a real relief for tired moms and dads. Some machines will play soothing lullabies or white noise while others mimic the sounds of the womb, which can be comforting for a new baby. There is even a machine that will make the sound of a mom or dad gently shushing, which will give parents a much-needed break when their baby is restless. 

A Pre-Birth Gift Box

Many companies make up pre-birth gift boxes that have everything a new mom might need while in labor. It might include a loose nightdress, breast pads, toiletries specifically for mom, comfy slippers, an inflatable pillow, diapers and wipes for baby, sleep mask, and magazines – and these are just an example. You can buy ready-made gift boxes or you could make one up yourself for a more personal touch.

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