Crucial Steps to Preparing Your Nails for Manicure


There are many ways of taking care of your nails to keep them healthy and looking good. Cleaning them and eating well is the start to healthy nails. You are probably looking forward to finally getting a gel manicure on your nails. will give you the best services. Second, a long-lasting gel manicure starts with proper preparation. Furthermore, proper preparation ensures you maintain healthy nails. If you decide not to go to the nail salon Woodbridge and do it yourself, here are steps you should take to prepare your nails for gel polish.

  • Tools Preparation

When getting a gel polish, the first step is preparing the tools. You need to know what you will need. Some of the tools include a nail file, nail buffer, cuticle pusher, wipers, spirit, and more. Sanitize your hands before you start the process. Sanitizing helps get rid of bacteria and germs that may get trapped on the nails. Remember, germs and bacteria can cause infections.

  • Trimming Cuticles

At this point, be gentle on the cuticles. You will need to push them back before you apply the gel. You will need to use the cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles and remove loose and dead skin. Avoid pulling the cuticles. Instead, trim them carefully. It prevents paint over them and gives the gel an edge to lift.

  • Shaping the Nails

It is also important to shape your nails before applying the polish. You want to get a perfect shape that will complete the look. So, use a nail clipper to trim the nails to the desired length. You can also use a nail file to bring the nails down to the length you want. Be gentle on the nails and file using one direction. Whether you want a square edge or round one, the decision is yours. Be careful not to over-file since it can damage the nails and increase the chances of breaking and splitting.

  • Cleansing

Remove debris from the nails and start cleaning. Use the wipers and go over the nails to remove dirt and dust. During this step, your nails will get proper hydration, remove oils and ensure the gel adheres to the nails. One of the reasons why the gel may lift before its time is because of dirt on the nail bed. If you use water and soap to clean the nails, be careful because there might be residue left that could ruin your manicure. It is best to use wipes to remove dirt and oil residue. This is an essential step before applying gel polish.

  • Storing Your Polish

The reason why your gel brush is hard or the gel is lumpy is because you keep your gel in direct sunlight and heat. Make sure you store your gel in a cool and dry place. Store away from sunlight and keep it away from the lamp.

Ready to Go?

This is the preparation you need before you begin applying the gel manicure. When applying, do it gently and in small amounts. If you need extra tips, visit us. We are more than willing to help.

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