Dental Health: What Are The Causes of Tooth Sensitivity?


Tooth sensitivity is a serious health condition, and those who’ve been there before know how it feels. When you have a sensitive tooth, you can hardly bite any cold food without having a toothache.  Sometimes it doesn’t have to be cold before you are wracked with tooth pain on a single bite of your favorite ice cream.

If you experience tooth sensitivity most often, the truth is you are not alone. There is over 40 million US adult facing the same condition. When you have tooth sensitivity, there is a lot you can do to remedy the situation. You want to talk to your dentists at Smiles on Queen to have your dental problem sorted out soonest.

Here are the causes of tooth sensitivity you should watch out for to ensure healthy teeth:

1.  Brushing your teeth too hard

Your dentist will always advice that you brush your teeth a least twice a day and after every meal. They don’t tell you that brushing too hard can cause sensitive teeth. How?  A toothbrush with hard bristles can wear down your tooth enamel when you brush too hard. 

Additionally, brushing your tooth hard can also provoke gum recession, exposing the root and resulting in tooth sensitivity.

2. Eating sugary food

You should avoid a high-sugar diet if you want to avoid tooth sensitivity.  When you consume a lot of sugary and high acidic beverages it can harm your teeth in many ways.  

Tomato sauce, soda, coffee, and candy are some foods that you should use in moderation because of the harm they have on your body.

3. Acidic mouthwash

Be careful about the type of mouthwash you use to clean your mouth. Acidic mouthwash, just like acidic foods, can also erode the tooth enamel. If you have a mild sensitivity, long-term acidic mouthwash can worsen the condition.

4. Gum disease

You are most likely to develop tooth sensitivity when you have gum disease. Gum diseases like givingitis and periodontal disease can provoke recession and gum inflammation, exposing the roots or the teeth and resulting in tooth sensitivity.

5. Using teeth whitening products

Your cosmetic dentist will always advise that you limit the use of whitening products. Using teeth whitening products for a long time will erode the tooth enamel and result in insensitivity. 

Teeth whitening products contain added chemicals that, in most cases, are tough on the tooth enamel and can wear down with time. If you must use the whitening products, only use one your doctor recommends.

6. Cracked teeth

Cracked teeth are another cause of tooth sensitivity you should beware of.  If you have chipped or broken teeth, your gums become more venerable to bacteria which can travel down to the tooth dentin and cause sensitivity and toothache.


There are many causes of tooth sensitivity you should beware of. When you show all the symptoms of tooth sensitivity, you should book an appointment with your dentist at cosmetic dentist Nobleton.

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