7 Warning Signs of Kidney Stones You Shouldn’t Ignore


Kidney stones are the accumulation of minerals and salts found in the body mainly due to malfunctioning urinating system. When the body is less hydrated, the concentration of the minerals increases and instead of releasing them out, the body is forced to store them in the kidney, which keeps on getting hard and acquire pebble-like structure.

These stones are as painful as someone throwing stones on you. But the intolerable pain is not the only sign that you might need a kidney stone surgery.

Following are seven warning signs of kidney stones that you should never ignore:

The Throbbing Pain

The most alarming symptom of kidney stones is the pain which comes with it. Sharp, throbbing painful sensations in the lower back is a sign that you should never take lightly or ignore. The pain is caused by the stones that have come out of the kidney and are blocking the ureter.

Pain in Intervals

If the pain you are dealing with is coming at regular intervals, say in waves, then the chances of having kidney stones are drastically increased. The fluctuating pain is a result of the muscles trying to push the kidney stone out of the ureter.

Burning Sensation During Urination

Patients have often complained of having a burning sensation while urinating, which occurs because of the position of kidney stone between the ureter and the bladder. With burning, the affected might also undergo excruciating pain while urinating, which is called as dysuria.

Changed Color or Odour of Urine

If your urine has started to smell foul or is cloudy in texture, then you might have an infection in your kidneys, which can also be kidney stones. Healthy urine is clear with weak odour. Also, if you notice any blood in the urine, then there is a high risk of having urinary tract stones.

Frequency and Amount of Urine

Have you started rushing to washrooms in quite less span of intervals, lately? If yes, then you may have kidney stones.  If the stones have become huge, they might also block the urine, thereby forcing you to urinate in small amounts every time. You might need a kidney stone surgery for removing such large stones.

Feeling Nauseous

People with kidney stones are often seen suffering from some common symptoms of other diseases, too, like nausea and vomiting. Suffering from these symptoms might be your body’s reaction to the pain as well as can be a trigger to the GI tract nerves by the kidney stones.

Chills With High Temperature

Fever is not a disease. It is a symptom of an infection somewhere in your body. Having high temperatures and chills with it might be a symptom of your kidney infection.

Kidney stones have become a widespread disease nowadays. Due to the lack of care and improper dietary patterns, people are suffering more from such conditions. Some kidney stones might need some water to flush out of your body, while others can even force you to undergo kidney stone surgery. Look out for these warning signs and consult your doctor if your case worsens.

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