Different About Types Of Hernias


What Is Hernia?

When the wall of muscles is being pushed through a bulge that is inside, that piece of the bulge is hernia. Usually, a hernia is caused inside the abdomen and affects the groin as well as the belly region. If you are looking for gastrointestinal surgery in Baltimore, there are many medical professionals providing premium services. There are different types of herniathat affect people.

Hernias can mostly be treated by surgery, and no other way works when it comes to such issues. It is natural to feel a pain in the belly due to the lump.

What Are The Different Types Of Hernias?

1. Epigastric Hernia: There is an epigastric region in the body located in the abdomen region, above the belly button and beneath the rib cage. This is where an epigastric hernia occurs. Usually, this type of hernia leads to a feeling of pressure on the wall region of the abdomen when the patient coughs, laughs, tries to pass stools or does any activity that involves sudden extra pressure. If you are experiencing any such issues, then it is best to consult a specialist in hernia repair in Baltimore.

2. Femoral Hernia: It mostly occurs in the groin or thigh region of the body as it pushes through the tissues. This is present as a lump sized as medium or small in the groin region. This type of hernia is more common among women, and it is mainly harmful due to the presence of femoral vein and artery in the vicinity. The hernia can attack the blood vessels and ultimately hinders the blood flow in the leg area. The medical advancements have successfully invented different types of hernia surgery.

3. Hiatal Hernia: In this type of hernia, the stomach of the patient gets attacked at the diaphragm, which creates a separation between the lung and the abdominal muscles. There are high chances of suffering from acid reflux in patients with hiatal hernia. There are majorly I to IV types which vary depending upon the location of the hernia.

4. Incisional Hernia: Once a person goes through a stomach surgery, there are high chances of an incisional hernia which mainly attacks the middle part of the stomach. In case the wound does not heal on its own, then there are higher chances of the person being affected by hernia. There are several successful medical professionals offering services for hernia repair in Baltimore.

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