How Families Can Reconnect After Lockdown


Lockdown has been tough on everyone in one way or another and with some families living in separate households, it has been quite isolating. However, with the end of lockdown in sight, many families are preparing some activities for them to do together when they can. To help you get started with this, we have compiled a list of activities that we think you and your family members will love.

Plan a Family BBQ

Reconnecting with your family face to face after such a long period may seem strange, so why not start off slow.  By inviting people over for a BBQ you can continue to maintain social distancing whilst still enjoying some much-needed family time. With the use of paper plates and even throw away cups, you can make the clean up easy and allow yourself to focus on some much-needed family time.

Go On A Family Staycation

If you are looking to get away with the family after spending a huge amount of time at home, why not book a staycation? With several amazing locations up and down the UK, this is an amazing way to go on a holiday with the family at a time were leaving the country is just not possible. Whether you decide to go camping or you book a log cabin in the woods, this is a great way to enjoy family time without being stuck at home. Also, this is a great opportunity to help a number of small businesses that have also been affected by the lockdown.

Visit Those That Are Staying In Care Homes

With the easing of lockdown restrictions comes an opportunity to visit a loved one that is currently living in a care home. With care homes in Chingford and others up and down the UK allowing for socially distant visits in a secure environment, this is the perfect environment for your family to visit their grandparents. Though the interaction is still fairly limited, this is much better than talking to your loved one on the phone or over a video call. Who knows, the visit may even brighten their day.

Go For A Walk

The final way that your family can reconnect after the lockdown is to go for a much-needed walk. Not only is this great for your mental health, but it is also a simple way of enjoying the family time that will last a whole day. With the ability to pack a picnic you can spend the whole day together and even play football in the park making this a day that the family will never forget. In addition, this is an activity where you can also maintain social distancing at all times without putting friends or family members at risk throughout the day.

With this in mind, there are several activities that you can do with the whole family to help you reconnect without spending a small fortune. All of which also allow you to stick to any other measures that may well be in place following the easing of lockdown.

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