Have veggies after your bariatric surgery


Those who have just had bariatric surgery in Mexico might be aware of what to eat in the post-surgery phase. Food rich in protein and low carbs makes a fitting vegetarian diet for the bariatric patients.

Eating bariatric vegetarian diet

The key task is to stick on a diet which is full of protein and amino acids. At the time of lunch, you can have garden salads and raw vegetables. You can even add lemon and olive oil in the salad. Iron is an imperative nutrient. It can contribute well to the restoration process after the bariatric surgery in Mexico. Spinach is the best source of iron. Kale, broccoli, collards, and okra are the foods from which the patient can get a satisfactory amount of calcium in the body. Since the patients can have a vegetarian diet after bariatric surgery, proper preparation should be there. Ensure that all the vital nutrients are present. Include supplements if they are needed.

Most individuals reckon that meat is the only source of high-level protein, but that is not true. You can select weight loss surgery vegetarian diet that has vegetable-based proteins. In one cup of cooked lentils has 18 grams of protein. There are about 15 grams of protein per cup in some of the beans.

Does the vegetarian diet for weight loss really work?

It has been observed many times that a lot of patients face issues while eating meat when they are home. Most of them get tired of just having flesh in the diet. If you have decided to alter the diet, you need to know some of these categories.

  1. Vegetarian

A vegetarian does not prefer animal flesh in its diet. But the vegetarian can consume other animal products such as eggs and dairy products.

  • Vegan

You have to avoid meat in a vegan diet, including other animal products such as eggs, milk, gelatine, or anything produced from animals.

  • Flexitarian

In the Flexitarian diet class, the person used to have plant-based foods. But the person can have meat, fish, and dairy products once in a blue moon.

  • Semi-vegetarian

If a person wants to be in a semi-vegetarian category, then he/she must keep out some types of meat such as red meat. Poultry, seafood and eggs can be consumed but in a limited amount.

Are you having an issue of overeating? Look out for more information which would let you know how to stop overeating.

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