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Non-invasive vasectomy is a popular and safe birth-control procedure for men that qualified surgeons perform. The target of this operation is to sterilize them. This implies that they cannot impregnate their wives or female partners during sexual intercourse. It involves severing two tubes called vas deferens found in the scrotum of their bodies. As a result, the sperm does not enter the semen during ejaculation. This is an effective surgery for couples who have no intention of having children. It is also called keyhole vasectomy and popular across the globe today.

Non-invasive vasectomies near me – How to prepare for these birth-control procedures?

During this procedure, the surgeon makes a small hole in the scrotum with a special tool. He then proceeds to stretch this incision to cut the vas deferens and tie them up. Before browsing the Internet for non-invasive vasectomies near me, you need to know how to prepare for the procedure. In doing so, you need to consider the following factors: employee monitoring tools

  • Tell the surgeon of your current health problems and the medicines you are taking,
  • Do not take aspirin or any other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine before the procedure,
  • Remove the public hair covering your penis with a sharp razor, especially the area surrounding the scrotum,
  • Refrain from applying talc powder or deodorant on your genitals before the procedure,
  • Consume a wholesome breakfast or lunch just before the vasectomy procedure,
  • Wear loose clothes which make you feel comfortable on the day of the procedure,
  • Ask one of your relatives or friends to take you home immediately after the procedure, and
  • Just relax for the evening after the vasectomy procedure. 

Can undergoing a vasectomy procedure be painful?

Non-invasive vasectomy is practically a painless operation, unlike other male sterilization procedures. Even before the surgeon performs it, he applies a local anesthetic to your genitals. The only sensation you feel is like being bitten by a mosquito. However, this feeling only lasts for a few moments, and then the area becomes numb. The anesthetic enables you to overcome any anxiety throughout the procedure. Then the surgeon goes ahead and punctures a hole in the scrotum.


Your genitals will swell up after undergoing a non-invasive vasectomy procedure. Otherwise, you will not have any other serious complications. Your surgeon will urge you to rest on a couch for some days. This helps to reduce the swelling. Then you can resume your normal activities as usual and go back to work once healed.

Non-invasive vasectomies near me are safe birth-control procedures if you do not want to have children. However, you need to make sure only a surgeon with the necessary skills and experience performs the operation. Moreover, you should follow his instructions prior to and after the operation. These include abstaining from taking aspirin and applying deodorant to your genitals. You even need to remove the public hair covering the penis. On the eve of the operation, you should have a wholesome meal and wear comfortable clothes. After the operation, you need to rest for at least three to five days. This helps you to recover and ensure no complication arises to post the procedure.

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