Want to Get a Nose Job Done- Know About the Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure


Rhinoplasty is one of the most widely sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures for men and women across the globe. However, at the same time, it is one of the most difficult plastic cosmetic surgeries performed as most of the time, candidates need to get a second surgery known as revision Rhinoplasty after they have healed from the first one performed on them. Though the second surgery is more or less like the first one, there are some major differences that one should take note of.

An insight into Revision Rhinoplasty procedure for your nose job

The Revision Rhinoplasty procedure differs from the primary Rhinoplasty in the following ways-

  1. The primary Rhinoplasty is generally conducted to improve the size and shape of your nose. However, there might be the need for additional surgery if the outcome produced is not as per the expectations of the candidate. In fact, the surgery might have been conducted poorly, leading to a complete change of look.
  2. Scars or injuries- The revision Rhinoplasty surgery is conducted when scars or an injury arises from the primary surgery.
  3. Breathing issues- Candidates may face breathing issues after the primary Rhinoplasty. Revision Rhinoplasty is conducted to correct the problem the candidate faces.
  4. Better appearance- Sometimes, candidates that have undergone a primary Rhinoplasty do not like the way they look. They want to look better, so they decide to go in for revision Rhinoplasty.

Surgical approach of doctors

The surgical approach should be gentle and careful. The candidate has already had the site changed surgically, so it is already gentle and delicate. You should choose an experienced and credible doctor for revision Rhinoplasty. You must entrust the responsibility of a revision Rhinoplasty to a steady hand.

Open versus closed Rhinoplasty procedures

The surgical approach for both primary and revision Rhinoplasty is the same; however, your surgeon might choose an open or closed Rhinoplasty procedure. In the former, the incisions are made in the nostrils, and there are no visible scars or a sign of surgery. The open Rhinoplasty procedure entails incisions made in the nose; however, another incision will be made outside the nose, preferably underneath it, between the two nostrils. There is a scar left behind; however, its visibility generally goes unnoticed.

Doctors performing Revision Rhinoplasty procedure generally prefer the closed Rhinoplasty method as it helps them get better access to the finer points of the nose like its tip. Therefore, if you are planning to go ahead with Rhinoplasty surgery, keep the above factors in mind. Know what your expectations are and talk with a few doctors before choosing a reliable doctor for the surgery. Choose a good doctor with several years of experience in the field so that you can get natural-looking results with success. any important differences.

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