Get The Slim Waistline You Desire by Undergoing an Ultherapy for Stomach


Ultherapy is a new non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uplifts, tightens, and tones your skin without having to undergo surgery. The treatment enables you to appear younger than your actual biological age with hardly any downtime and health risks. It involves using ultrasound energy to stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the deep tissues of your skin. This protein helps eradicate drooping and sagging skin which starts to appear in undesirable areas of your body like the stomach. 

Can surgeons use Ultherapy for stomach?

Ultherapy is currently an ideal skin-rejuvenating and tightening cosmetic procedure for your stomach. The procedure uses ultrasound waves to stimulate the production of two essential proteins found in deep layers of skin tissues. These proteins are collagen and elastin. Collagen helps to give the human skin its sturdy and smooth structure. On the other hand, elastin ensures the skin retains its elasticity over time. This makes Ultherapy the perfect cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate:

  • Sagging skin,
  • Wrinkled skin, and
  • Skin laxity. 

In the Ultherapy for stomach procedure, cosmetic surgeon uses a special device that emits ultrasound energy on your stomach. The transducers of this equipment concentrate tiny quantities of the ultrasound energy to specific areas of your stomach, requiring collagen rejuvenation. The ultrasound energy penetrates and heats the multiple tissue layers found below the epidermis to reinvigorate collagen production. This helps tighten the skin surrounding the discrete areas of your body, such as the stomach and buttocks.

How to prepare?

To undergo an Ultherapy procedure for the stomach, you first need to browse the Internet to search for cosmetic surgeons who perform this treatment. You have to select one with a good market reputation and years of valuable experience conducting this cosmetic procedure. The medical specialist’s clinic or chamber should be near to your locality. You should book a consultation session where the cosmetic surgeon will:

  • Assess the condition of the loose skin covering your stomach,
  • Address your concerns, explain the procedure and clear any of your apprehensions, 
  • Determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, and
  • Give you a list of pre-treatment instructions and restrictions to follow.


The cosmetic surgeon will customize the Ultherapy procedure for your stomach as per your expectations. During the treatment, the medical specialist will first cleanse the skin covering your stomach. He/she will proceed to identify the target areas and place an Ultherapy applicator on those places. Through the device’s imaging aperture, the surgeon will channelize the ultrasound energy to the target areas. You feel a tingling sensation as the ultrasound energy heats the deep skin tissues to re-invigorate the collagen production. The entire procedure will take around 30 to 90 for a cosmetic surgeon to perform. Your skin will appear red, tender, numb, and swollen after the procedure. However, these side-effects will subside with a few hours.

Ultherapy for the stomach is an effective and completely safe skin-rejuvenation procedure with no downtime. You can easily get rid of the stubborn loose skin surrounding your stomach without having to undergo surgery. This ensures you end up getting a slim and trim waistline you always crave for.

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